Use Real User Monitoring (RUM) To
Identify Performance Issues in Real Time

Your RUM tracker records live data from real users – RapidSpike then collects that data and produces a suite of graphs and tables where you can analyse vital traffic metrics to determine performance.

Copy and paste a lightweight tracking script into pages you wish to monitor.

Real User data is analysed and recorded minute-by-minute and displayed in near real-time.

See user performance with a breakdown of network, server and browser speed.

Understand how your site performed at its busiest times.

Setup Takes Seconds

Setting up your Real User Monitor takes just a few moments. Just add your website to RapidSpike and we’ll generate a short snippet of Javascript for you.

Add this snippet to your website or app header and you will begin receiving data within minutes. Our RUM script is lightweight and served over a secure connection.

Page Timings

View page load speed across your busiest times.

Track your page performance metrics 90th, 95th and 99th percentile during busy hours.

Detailed Data Analysis

Break down page load into Network, Server and Browser.

Real User Monitors track page load across these different metrics to enable you to analyse exactly where any latency and performance issues are occurring.