Leading Travel Websites
Report 2022

The travel industry is well known for its highly competitive nature. Consumers can be more loyal to user experience and price than brand itself, meaning travel companies must deliver highly-efficient websites to compete.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the travel industry unlike any other. Now travel and tourism is returning, consumers are more eager than ever to book holidays. It is imperative travel websites monitor and improve their website journeys to increase conversions, improve user experience and prevent data breaches.

Google’s new User Experience initiative – Core Web Vitals has recently launched, and website owners need to take action to mitigate negative impacts on website rankings. In this report we explore how global travel brands are performing against the new metrics using data from the Web Vitals Index.

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Leading Travel Websites Report 2022

In this report:

  • Explore the online travel landscape post COVID-19
  • Discover which travel brands are leading the industry for website performance
  • Learn how to build a website monitoring strategy to improve reliability, performance and security to gain a competitive edge