RapidSpike 2021 Christmas Message

Whilst 2021 has been a tough year for many of us, almost as tough as 2020, whether in business, professionally or personally, we need to remain optimistic in 2022. Ecommerce and selling goods online will only grow stronger, with the Nasdaq predictions that 95% will be sold online by 2040 is accelerating much faster due to the covid pandemic. 

With this great opportunity comes significant challenges; how do we get the transformational and marginal gains we need to win in our marketplace, and how do we ensure we provide the best possible customer experience for our budget? 

Ensuring you have a fast, safe and reliable online customer experience is more important than ever before; we cannot afford to miss a beat because our customers have plenty of places to shop if we don’t provide the right experience. We are slow, or we get hacked.

It can be a tricky world when you are trying to run a 24 hour, 365 days a year service, whether online ecommerce or our monitoring platform; we understand, we get you. Cloudflare, Facebook and Fastly all fell foul of issues in ‘configuration’; simple human error can be just as devastating as a hacker attack or slowly failing customers by not looking after your website.

We know RapidSpike can help. We believe we have the best specialist synthetic monitoring tool on the market. We are leading with our key feature – user journeys, alongside deep page performance, uptime and more.

We are constantly trying to build a clear picture of your website(s), so you know how to win more business and, just as important, fix it when inevitably something terrible happens. We’ve got your back, and most importantly, we’ll tell you when it happens!

We will continue to improve in 2022 and beyond, with our platform improvements and our fantastic customer success team. We are also starting our new customer user groups in January to allow our customers to influence the RapidSpike roadmap, get hints and tips (including our new performance audit) and hear how others are using RapidSpike successfully.

I want to wish you, your families and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. No matter your beliefs, when or what you are celebrating this year, there is always a time to be kind, caring and want the best for others, giving to those in need.

We have given our time to charities and good causes. We collected Christmas food for the Salvation Army and were proud to support Andys Man Club when we walked the Yorkshire Threes Peaks in September.

I’m immensely proud of our team and what we are building here, and on behalf of the whole RapidSpike team, I want to thank you to anyone who is part of our journey and those who will join us in the future.

RapidSpike Team - 2021 Christmas message
Thank you from the RapidSpike Team