Detect Broken Forms

Broken forms can have a massive impact on businesses. Detecting problems as fast as possible is essential in ensuring you are providing the best service to your users and preventing major company issues.

Does your website rely on forms in order to process payments, capture lead data or provide search capabilities? Do you have an ordering system trusted by hundreds of people to complete their daily jobs?

Broken form validation, failing back-end systems or simple HTML bugs cause major headaches in organisations and the knock-on effect can be disastrous.

Detect broken forms - meme
  • How many orders would you lose if your checkout stopped working?
  • How many potential leads might you lose to a competitor?
  • How much can your service desk team handle before their level of service is negatively impacted?

The main factor in these questions is time. A form that is broken for 5 minutes has far less impact than one that goes unnoticed for a whole morning, or even worse overnight.

RapidSpike provides a world-class, low-code monitoring service that can detect broken forms in minutes using browser automation powered by Selenium. If you’d rather not wait for your users to tell you, or your managers to query why order rates are down for the day then start your free trial and talk to our experts about setting up a Synthetic User Journey to monitor your critical forms.