Meet the Team: Emma, Lead Generation

Graduating in summer 2019 BC (Before-Covid!) I was unprepared for how my first year as a graduate was about to unfold. I had spent three years at university in Leeds working part time in retail, and felt extremely lucky to quickly secure my dream marketing job in the travel industry (you can probably guess how this story ends). As news of the first lockdown and travel ban broke I knew my job may be on the line, and I started to prepare myself for the future. What was once such a secure industry was now about to be flipped on its head, alongside many of the other industries I had previously been job hunting in.

Fast forward 6 months and the expected happened, I was now up for redundancy and would need to consider my next steps. After a long job hunt and a little help from an amazing recruiter, I came across RapidSpike. Working in tech was something I had never contemplated, but this was a better time than any to consider an industry that would not only survive the pandemic, but thrive. 

After starting in my new role as Lead Generation Executive at RapidSpike the differences between this role and my first became apparent. From a large multinational brand to a (comparatively) small local business. From only working alongside the marketing department, to daily interactions with the entire tight-knit RapidSpike team. I was excited to get stuck into something so different and make the most of the opportunities this brought me, such as insight into how the development team built our award winning platform, and the chance to work alongside our CEO. 

I have recently hit my 6 month mark with RapidSpike and I’m learning new things everyday. I thoroughly enjoy working for a company that genuinely puts our customers at the heart of everything we do, and whose stakeholders place value in opinions from every member of the team. I’m endlessly impressed by our developers and their commitment to creating and maintaining such a useful and innovative platform. But the best part is how each and every one of my colleagues are always happy and willing to help one another. 

Technology really is our future. We use it in every single aspect of our lives, and there’s no such thing as a modern business that doesn’t use technology in some way shape or form. But we aren’t quite at flying cars yet. In business there is always room for innovation and improvement when it comes to your digital strategy. Covid has taught us that at the very least we can’t be complacent when it comes to business in the modern world. We have recently launched a free, no obligation website audit service that can help you keep ahead of your competition.

My experience over the last year has taught me that you never know what’s round the corner! I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for RapidSpike.