Meet the Team: Janie, Account Manager

Looking back over the past 12 months, I am truly amazed at how quickly we humans adapted to the new world which was forced upon us when covid-19 hit. The way communities came together – whilst staying physically apart – was inspiring to watch, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It’s also safe to say that in 2020, we all relied on technology more than ever before.

Technology quite literally kept the world moving when the physical world shut down, and long after lockdown, it is expected that our daily lives, including working norms and shopping habits, will have permanently altered to being more flexible and reflective of this digital world.

On a personal level, I found that a combination of tech and the great outdoors really helped me get through the pandemic. I started using my daily exercise limit during lockdown as a way to kill two birds with one stone – both increasing my daily step count while discovering the wonderful world of podcasts! As have many others, I’ve also relied on the power of technology to speak to my family in Newcastle (I’m a Geordie, living in lovely Yorkshire!) 

That’s why I was so keen to work for RapidSpike, as I can see clearly the real-world implications of our service — we’re helping to ensure that the web is as reliable, fast and safe as it possibly can be, as we navigate into a world which is fuelled by technology more than ever before.

Joining as Sales/Account Manager, I’ll be in regular communication with our fantastic client base and nurturing new business relationships too, as we onboard new stakeholders across the globe.

Prior to joining RapidSpike, I was working in the events industry, specifically hosting Technology thought leadership summits across Yorkshire and beyond. I’d had a taste of the Tech industry but I was ready to get my foot in the door, so I was excited to be given an opportunity to join RapidSpike. 

I was welcomed into the team at an incredibly exciting time, following RapidSpike’s partnership with Praeture Ventures, who invested £1 million to help propel the company into a global brand.

RapidSpike have also recently been named Platform of the Year at The UK Dev Awards and Best Digital Tool in the Northern Digital Awards. It’s really exciting to join an award-winning SaaS company which is growing rapidly, and I’m looking forward to helping shape that journey.