The Correlation Between Competitive Sports & Website Performance

Yesterday, we watched a nail-biting finish at the Tro Bro Léon cycling race in France. It was head to head for the finish between Pier Allegaert and local Yorkshireman Connor Swift. The time difference between Allegaert and Swift was milliseconds. That’s right, less than a second after 207km of racing!!! It was so close that even the race officials had to study the photo finish to determine the winner, after the tightest of sprints!

Tro Bro Léon cycling race
Tro Bro Léon cycling race

So what’s a cycle race got to do with website performance?


Performance Matters!

There is only 1 winner, everyone is competing for that spot. In the competitive sporting world, the difference between 1st and 2nd place is the difference between winning the race and not! Websites are no different! It’s all about those MARGINAL GAINS and taking every action possible to improve performance, prepare for every eventuality, stay ahead of the competition, beat your opponents and win the race!

RapidSpike Insights

Improving your page speed and conversions to enhance performance.

Stopping hackers and finding vulnerabilities to ensure a secure site, whilst protecting your brand.

Tracking errors and issues on site. Receiving alerts in order minimise disruption.

Tracking errors and issues on site. Receiving alerts to minimise disruption.

These factors and so many more, contribute to optimising your website performance. In the world of online retail, competition is fierce, the market is ever-changing and consumers are savvy. This brings me onto another key factor and hot topic, that from June 2021, Google will start judging your website based on a new set of performance metrics called Core Web Vitals. This initiative is focused on user experience and will become part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Failing them is bad, getting them right is a huge opportunity to beat the competition. Take Vodafone for example…

Vodafone A/B tested landing pages, one of which was optimised for Core Web Vitals with a 31% better LCP score than the second version. The results were impressive, showing the importance of improving Core Web Vital scores for conversions and sales.  

Vodafone Core Web Vitals marginal gains Results
Vodafone Core Web Vitals Results

“Thanks to the collaboration with Google and the introduction of LCP as the main KPI for page performance, it was possible to significantly improve the customer experience of our e-commerce.” – Vodafone

Want to know how your website is performing?

With this upcoming change on the horizon, RapidSpike offers a FREE assisted trial to help you discover where you can achieve those marginal gains. Giving you valuable insight into how your site is performing and what you can do to increase your speed (and much more), taking you to 1st place against your competition!