Introducing the New Websites View

Ever since RapidSpike launched we have only supported our view mode of assets. With the new navigation that we launched last week we relabeled this to be Servers & Network Devices.

This view affected both the Browse and TV Mode options. Today we have added to this to bring you a new view, Websites view. You will now notice that you can toggle the view on both the Browse and TV Mode between Servers & Network Devices and now Websites.

Websites View

Through customer feedback we realise that we have some users who are network-centric, and their view of the world is based around Servers & Network Devices  and we have some users who are website-centric and their view of the world is based around Websites. 

This is quite a fundamental change that can positively affect the way you interact with the RapidSpike service.

Selecting the new Websites view allows you to Browse based on the websites you have configured and it allows you to view these in the TV Mode. If your job role makes you focus on servers, we provide this view and if your job role makes you focus on websites, this is now also supported.

We had some customers with a single server hosting a large number of websites. The Servers & Network Devices view would only show this as a single server and when any issues on a specific website occurred, the user had to perform a lot of navigation to get to the exact issue. With this new Website view, each website can be viewed individually allowing you to both see the issue immediately at the website level and also to navigate directly to the offending website.

When browsing the new Website view, you now have the ability to be taken directly to the Website of your choice rather than having to remember which website is on which server. You can still access the server that the website is hosted on as part of the navigation.

Websites Browse

The new Website view in TV Mode displays all of the websites you have configured in your account and you can currently sort this on status or monitor count.

Websites TV Mode

Although this appears on the surface to be a small change, we feel that this will really help organisations better interact with the service we are building. Our ethos is to always provide solutions to your issues and it is through listening to your needs that we have provided this view.

As we grow the service offering we will be adding more views to meet the demands of our ever-growing list of customers. If you have a request for a view that fits more in the way you work, please don’t hesitate to email us or use the ‘Feedback’ buttons to send us your input. Log in to your account here.