Leeds Digital Festival Event – Sweat the Small Stuff!

This year RapidSpike have teamed up with Deloitte Consulting for our Leeds Digital Festival event – ‘Sweat the Small Stuff’!

Join us as we explore how your teams can make small changes that can make a huge difference to the overall performance and security of your website. ‘Sweat the Small Stuff!’ is split into two events, one focusing on performance (24/09/2020) and the second on security (29/09/2020).


In this first event, we explore common mistakes website owners make which slow down their website affecting sales, search rankings, and customer happiness. We’ll be providing recommendations from industry experts explaining how 1% gains can add up, as well as the tools you need to measure these increases.

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The number one threat to e-commerce today is hackers looking to steal customers’ data. In our second event, we explain how high-profile web-skimming attacks occur and what you can do to avoid a devastating data breach by making small technical changes and implementing a process if the worst happens.

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Who should attend?

This event is perfect for business leaders & technical teams interested in improving website performance, security, customer happiness, and revenue growth. 


Deloitte – Jack Forman – Performance

RapidSpike CEO: Gav Winter – Security