Why should you use Single Sign-On?

Why should you use Single Sign-On? It’s simple; one less password!

What is it?

Single Sign-On (SSO) refers to the ability of an organisation’s employees to authenticate into one system that then allows them access to apps, software and websites that the organisation uses. Employee access and data are then managed centrally in Identity and Directory Providers making it much simpler for admins to maintain.

Examples of SSO providers are Google SAML, OneLogin, Okta and Azure.


  • Improved security and compliance

Access credentials such as usernames, email addresses and passwords are prime targets for hackers. By reducing the number of credentials your employees need, you’re reducing the attack surface available to criminals. Additionally, many compliance regulations require organisations to have control over employee access – SSO provides this.

  • Simplified administration

How much time are your IT administrators spending on resetting passwords, issuing new credentials and updating email addresses across systems? Even worse; how long does it take your admins to remove access for employees? How do you know they’re remembering to remove access from everything the employee had access to? All these tasks are either removed entirely or made much simpler by using an SSO mechanism.

  • Better employee usability

By providing access to the applications your organisation uses via SSO, you’re also improving your employee’s experience. Many Identity Providers include a dashboard to launch apps from – this means users can launch apps with authentication already handled directly from the IDP. Also, updating personal data such as your name, address and contact details is made much simpler when it’s stored in one location and synchronised out from there.

SSO in RapidSpike

We now allow our customers to use Single Sign-On with our application, meaning fewer security worries and an easier account setup!

Users can log into RapidSpike without a new login, and administrators can configure access using their existing account admin tools. RapidSpike no longer needs to store these users’ passwords, meaning one less security risk for customers!

We’re launching this feature with all the major SSO providers out of the box; Google, Okta, OneLogin, AzureAD, Workday, Pingfederate and many more.

Please see our Configuring SSO Knowledge Base article for how to utilise the new feature!