New Overview Reporting

We have been working hard over the past few weeks on some more updates to the system. Some of these are quite large and it will still be a week or so before we can release them but one quick feature that we have just added is the ability to now download the overview report as a nicely formatted PDF.

Report Image

The reporting section currently supports three report types:

  • Overview Report
    • The overview report contains a summary of all data associated with each asset. It provides you with the Average Response, Uptime, Outages and Downtime for any Network, Services and Applications monitored.
  • Data Report
    • The data report generates a raw data log from one of your assets.
  • Performance Report
    • The performance report shows how your assets are performing compared to each other.

Before today, we only supported raw CSV downloads for each report. This provided the data for you to style in whatever fashion you desired.

As we understand the reports are a key deliverable of a system such as RapidSpike, we will be working hard in vastly improving these and this first PDF file type will hopefully give you a glimpse of the quality of reports we will be integrating into the system.

We currently have released a PDF option for the Overview Report.

How to Generate the PDF Overview Report

Select the Reports menu from the right navigation as shown. You then have the option of selecting a single date range, or a comparison of two date ranges. Choose the Asset you want to report on and then chose the applications you want to include in the report. Selecting the PDF option produces the download link to obtain the PDF.

Overview Reports

Below is an example of the first page from a PDF report:

Overview Reporting

We hope you find this new feature useful, please feel free to comment through the app with any suggestions you may have.