Jazz Up your Slack Alerts with Giphy

Looking through our company Slack channels, we use GIFs to respond to each other a lot. We use the Giphy Slack app to quickly add a witty or sarcastic response to someone (we like each other really). And we also know that a lot of our customers use our Slack integration to receive alerts, because who wants emails. Then one morning, this conversation happened – where else – but on Slack. Including a GIF:

So, yeah, you can now add GIFs from Giphy to your RapidSpike alerts. When adding a Slack integration on the integrations page, you’ll now see options for failing, passing and warning GIFs:

Visit Giphy and search for an appropriate or amusing GIF. Use the Copy link button to get the short link or GIF link:

Then whenever we send you a Slack alert, we’ll use the relevant GIF. Here are our favourite GIFs:

Team America Help GIF for failing monitors

The Jesus Win GIF for passing monitors

Bill Murray Im Warning You GIF by Ghostbusters for warnings

If you liven up your Slack alerts, please let us know which GIFs you use @RapidSpike!