Slack Notifications for Uptime Monitoring

We’re big fans of Slack here at RapidSpike, so we were pretty chuffed when customers asked us about integrating it with our uptime notifications. Well, we’re happy to say that you can now receive uptime notifications to your team’s Slack channels!

/giphy yay!

Slack Notifications

  1. Log onto Slack and create a new Incoming Webhook. Here you can select the channel you want us to post to. Or you can send private messages to individuals. Add as many as you like, our notification rules allow for multiple notifications to be sent. You’ll be given a Webhook URL, copy this ready to use.
  2. Go to your Account Settings page in RapidSpike. Under Slack Integration add your Webhook URL’s. The Label field allows you to add a friendly name so you can identify them when configuring your rules.
  3. Update your Notification Rules.

Notification rules


That’s it! The next uptime alert you receive will appear in your Slack channel(s) in addition to any other notification methods you’ve set up.