Magento Security Scanner

If WordPress and Joomla! rule the CMS World, then Magento is king of the eCommerce platforms.

Which makes it the obvious addition to our powerful external Vulnerability Scanning service. We can now detect and notify you of any existing or breaking security issues with the core version of your Magento platform. In addition to in-depth checks for thousands of known software and configuration vulnerabilities for all major software products (e.g. PHP, Apache2, etc.) and operating systems (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, etc.).

For more information on the dangers and security standards of online transactions inside Magento, see this comprehensive blog post from Onilab.

How do I get started?

Vulnerability Security scans are available as an add-on with any paid RapidSpike plan. Just sign up for an account and then visit the Plan & Billing > Upgrades screen to purchase credits to run your scans.

Like most add-ons, scan credits are paid for monthly. Credits are available in packs of 4 (once a week), 16 (every couple of days) and 31 (daily). Alternatively, speak to our friendly team to arrange a custom plan with as many credits as you need.

Not yet a customer? You can trial our Vulnerability scan software for free, request a trial today.