New Feature: Google Safe Browsing Monitor

The RapidSpike development team are busy working on some major updates to the system. During this time we have decided to launch a few new monitor types that have been on our roadmap for quite a while now.

The first of these new monitors is the Google Safe Browsing Monitor! This new monitor is now live for all Pro and Enterprise users.

This monitor enables you to check a website against Google’s constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources. This list of sites is used by Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers for checking pages against potential threats.

Inclusion on this list leads to your site being removed from the Google search engine results. Any direct visitors to it using one of the aforementioned browsers results in it displaying a warning screen similar to below:

Malware Alert

Obviously, this has to be avoided at all costs and this is where we can help!

There could be a number of reasons why your site could end up on one of these blacklists. Some under your control, but some beyond your control, especially if you use a shared hosting provider. We always advocate that prevention is better than the cure. However with our new monitor you will be notified immediately if something untoward was to happen and your site appear on one of these lists.

The monitor as it appears in the RapidSpike app

There are a number of issues that are checked for by this monitor including malware, potentially harmful applications, social engineering and unwanted software.

How to configure the Google Safe Browsing Monitor

Configuring the Google Safe Browsing Monitor for your website with RapidSpike is very straightforward.

For an existing website: Browse to the overview of that website and click on the ENABLE GOOGLE SAFE BROWSING MONITOR button.

Alternatively, you can click the ADD button in the top menu bar and select Google Safe Browsing from the option list. You can then chose which website within your account to add this monitor.


When adding a new website, the option to add a Google Safe Browsing Monitor is available in the wizard through the SEO & ADMIN MONITORS tab.

More information regarding Google Safe Browsing can be found here –