Show your Website some Love this Valentine’s Day

If you care about your website, show it some love this Valentine’s Day. RapidSpike is there, like Fred from First Dates, to keep the spark alive. We will be your relationship counsellor through the tough times with your website, from downtime to Magecart style attacks, and even the occasional website launch! 

They say healthy relationships are built around the pillars of trust, communication and passion. A good website relationship is built around the three pillars of performance, reliability, and security. This is why RapidSpike is here to support your relationship with your website to be the best it could possibly be.

It’s not about the size of your website, it’s the way you use it…RapidSpike’s performance monitors, analyse your website pages’ using the gold standard of Web Vitals metrics, and our User Journeys ensure everything’s running smoothly for your customers. Pick up on slow load times, potentially dangerous third-party interference, and any downtime.  

Performance Trending Dashboard
Performance Trending Dashboard

We would all like to have a reliable partner, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Fortunately, RapidSpike can make sure your website is more reliable than your Tinder match could ever be. We’ll monitor any downtime your website has, so you have more time to get down…to business. You can set customisable alerts to remind you when your SSL certificate and domain name expire. Plus our Ping, HTTP, and TCP uptime monitors are there to make sure you can give your website some TLC. 

Had enough of your dates being fake, and 20-year-old Brenda turning out to be 60-year-old Brian? Real User Monitoring will track real customers visiting your site with just a small snippet of JavaScript to be added to each page you’d like to monitor. This means you don’t have to break up, but instead view breakdowns of your performance metrics by page, country, browser, and device type.

Real User Monitoring Overview
Real User Monitoring Overview

It’s important to feel secure in your relationship. RapidSpike’s various security scans will protect your site from being led astray by hackers. Our Network and Webapp scans look at open ports, exposed software versions, cross-site scripting, and performs a number of preliminary vulnerability checks. Whilst our Client-Side Security Scan looks for known malicious code using patterns we have found on compromised websites. Meaning your website won’t be whispering sweet nothings (about your customer’s card details) into hackers’ ears. 

RapidSpike Attack Detection Overview
Attack Detection Overview

Great relationships are founded on strong communication. Keep the lines of communication open with RapidSpike using our email address, or our live chat. Register your interest in our Customer Forum, where you can let your voice be heard, take part in the RapidSpike community and spread some love!

Remember, there may be plenty of fish in the sea, but there’s only one RapidSpike.