Security Network and Web App Vulnerability Scanning

RapidSpike provides a turn-key perimeter vulnerability scanning service that detects security risks across your entire digital platform.

Why Vulnerability Scanning

Checking for vulnerabilities is vital to ensure malicious attack attempts don't exploit poor configuration, out of date patching, cross-site scripting or injection vulnerabilities of your website or web application.

RapidSpike App - Vulnerability Scanning

How Does the RapidSpike Vulnerability Scanner Work?

Checking your platform for security vulnerabilities couldn't be easier. Simply configure either a Network Scan - pointed at one or more IP Addresses - or a Web App Scan, which is performed on one or more Domain Names. We will then run an automated vulnerability assessment against your entire digital ecosystem.

Assessments can be either run on-demand or can be set up as a scheduled process at a time to best suit you. Once the assessment has run you will be provided with a dashboard listing the vulnerabilities found by severity.

RapidSpike App - Vulnerability Scanning

Benefits of RapidSpike’s Vulnerability Scanner

  • Single view of your digital ecosystem
  • Freedom to run a security test when it suits you
  • Continuously monitor your perimeter for unexpected changes
  • Effortless Operation
  • Reduce the risk of being hacked
  • Meet audit and compliance controls