Public Status Pages Now Available to All

One of the new features we added a few months ago was Public Status Pages. These status pages have been welcomed by our Professional and Enterprise plan customers and we have seen some great examples of users making good use of this feature.

We have made a decision to extend the usage of the Public Status Pages across to Basic plan users so that every user of the RapidSpike service, whether Paid or Free can gain the benefit of these rather cool status pages.


You can create a public status page to show all aspects of your RapidSpike account including your uptime stats, domain, and SSL status as well as the performance of any Intelligent Page Monitors or User Journeys.

Information about how you can set up these status pages can be found in the original blog post. There is a limit to a single public status page for Basic plan users with Professional and Enterprise plans still enjoying unlimited public status pages.

RapidSpike can host these public status pages for you or you can host them on your own domain with a simple DNS CNAME entry as outlined in this blog post.