Monitor your Online World

Track your customer digital experience and assure their security with the RapidSpike platform

Monitoring at every level

We aim to cover all parts of your online business by monitoring at every level: from server monitoring, API monitoring and page performance through to tracking customer experience with live analytics, as well as error-checking your vital processes all day, every day.

We take all this complex data and present it in attractive and simple to understand dashboards organised by server and website.

Helping you understand key issues

We then apply our technical expertise to give you a clearly understandable explanation of key problems and how to fix them. We call this RapidSpike Insights. With Insights, the more monitors you configure, the more data we can record and the more Insights we can produce for you.

Manage your monitors

Quickly add new monitors with our “Add New” wizard – which auto-scans your site and suggests key monitors to add.

Get notified

Receive important notifications in a manner of your choosing with our simple yet powerful Alert Delivery system.

Reports Report Reports

Generate raw data reports for crunching the numbers, or more graphical reports for high level discussion in meetings.


RapidSpike monitors are split into five key types, which each cover a vital part of your online ecosystem. Check out the highlights on our key monitors here »


Measure the speed of your key processes, individual pages, and of each element that makes up your pages. Track load speed and performance over time, as well as real live customer experience and demographics.

View the monitors here »


Protect your company and your customers from genuine real-world cyber threats. Including our industry-leading Data Breach Monitor, designed to detect MageCart-style form-jacking and Javascript hacking.

View the monitors here »


Fortify your website with uptime monitoring to track availability at a network, service and website level. Use Ping monitors to track server uptime, TCP to check your ports are correctly open or closed, HTTP monitors to track pages are live and API monitors for your API.

View the monitors here »


Monitor your domain registration, configuration and SSL certificates to ensure customers have uninterrupted service at all times.

View the monitors here »


Check your key SEO metrics and site traffic rank and record this data over time to see how you are improving.

View the monitors here »

The Platform

The RapidSpike app is a user-friendly and feature-rich portal where you can set up monitors and view detailed data, visualised in colourful graphs and stats. Based in the cloud, RapidSpike can be viewed on any device.

Feature Focus

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TV Mode

This live updating dashboard is perfect for that big screen on your office wall.

Maintenance Windows

Pause some or all of your monitors at set times so you don’t get false positives during planned down-time.


Customise your Website view with your preferred widgets – chosen from dozens of options and designed to show exactly the data you need to see.

Manage Users

Admins have the power to restrict other users on your account so they have a “read only” view of the app. They can also limit what websites and servers other users are allowed to see.


Escalate notifications to different teams and via a wide variety of different methods with our powerful alert management.


Attach notes to your websites when incidents occur, explain planned maintenance and log new version releases.

See a quick breakdown of all our great features here »

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