The world’s most advanced
synthetic website monitoring

Run your customers’ most critical user journeys to discover issues fast:

  • Real browser performance & reliability
  • Built-in web-skimming protection
  • Video playback
  • Global testing network
  • Deep page analysis (3rd parties, cookies, etc)
  • and more…

Minimise website disruption for you, your customers and your business with RapidSpike’s Synthetic Website Monitoring.

Synthetic Website Monitoring - User Journey

Key benefits of synthetic website monitoring

Stop website supply chain attacks

  • Catch hackers before they steal your customer data.
  • Detect formjacking and web-skimming in under 5 minutes.
  • Manage your 3rd parties so data isn't being sent somewhere it shouldn't.
  • Protect your data, your reputation, your business and your customers.
Synthetic Website Monitoring - Protecting Customers Data

Visualise your customer journey performance

  • Understand your customer journeys through video & deep technical data.
  • Performance tuning for better business outcomes based on customer behaviour.
  • Optimize every single page in your customer journey with actionable insights.
  • Minimise disruption for you, your operations team and your customers.
Synthetic Website Monitoring - Vizualise Your Customer Journey

See issues before they become issues

  • Watch your critical user journeys unfold on our dashboards in TV mode.
  • Pinpoint issues and drill down to their root-causes so you can resolve them quickly.
  • Proactively manage customer experience and prevent customer basket loss.
  • Get alerts fast using: Pagerduty, Opsgenie, Slack, Teams, SMS, Voice & more.
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